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Unleash your potential and transform your fitness journey with Slated, the all-in-one fitness app suitable for everyone. Choose from a variety of activities that fit your fitness goals and preferences.

Start your journey to a healthier you today!

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Track sets, reps & weights. Monitor your progress with detailed stats & insights.


Track your daily movements effortlessly whether it's walking, running, or jogging.


Discover a world of workouts paired with fully-guided audio coaching.

Schedule Your Activities

Plan your fitness routine with ease using our Activity Planner. Choose from a variety of workout types and set reminders. Whether it's a morning jog or a lift session, keep organised and committed to your fitness goals!

  • Convenient Planning
  • Customizable Reminders
  • Effortless Organization
Track & Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your fitness improvements and set new goals with Slated's comprehensive stats tracking. Track your steps, calories burned, workout duration and visualize these data with detailed charts and graphs. Fine-tune your fitness routines and take your performance to the next level!

  • Comprehensive Insights
  • Visual Progress
  • Elevate Future Goals
Connect To Your Devices

Elevate your fitness experience by connecting a fitness wearable, such as Apple Watch or a Google Fit-compatible smartwatch to Slated. Monitor metrics like heart-rate in real time and build up a fitness profile to achieve your long-term fitness goals.

  • Seamlessly Connect Fitness Wearables
  • Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Streamlined Fitness Data

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Real Stories
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At Slated, we take immense pride in our commitment to transforming your fitness journey. Let's hear what our users have to say about their experiences with the app.

Our users come from all walks of life, each with their unique fitness goals and preferences, and they've all found something special in Slated. From seasoned athletes to fitness newcomers, our community has grown stronger and healthier with Slated. Let their stories inspire you and discover how Slated can be your fitness companion, too.

Slated has revolutionized the way I approach fitness. The activity scheduling feature keeps me on track, and I love how I can customize my workouts.

Simon Wang

As someone passionate about strength training, I can't imagine my workouts without Slated. The Lift function is a game-changer.

Primary School Teacher
Ella M.

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